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Badge Boys Book 6 of the Hot Cop Series


Hot Cop Series: Hot cops and the strong women who love them

Badge Boys (Book 6)

Badge Boys, Whatcha gonna do when she comes for you?

Twin hot cops, one hot woman
Can they blend into a family in spite of:
Fierce jealousy, a shooting, a car crash, and a three year old?

When shots are fired, Elizabeth Ann Burnside, Annie, rescues a fallen officer. SDPD sergeants Ivan and Troy Hardwick arrive to take over. While Troy tends to the fallen officer, his identical twin Ivan tends to the wounded Annie. Within days, Ivan appoints himself her protector and becomes her lover. 

But Troy wants her too.  And while Annie considers the idea of bedding both them, they discover that Annie can do something no one else can do. She can tell them apart.  

Two of them? Could she do this? 

While she works to discover that yes, she wants them both, flashes of jealousy erupt between the twins and threatens to destroy everything.

When Annie disappears returning from a road trip, the two men must pull themselves together. Can they bury the competitive issues that fuel their jealousy to save the woman they both love?

If you like a little action and a little mystery/suspence with your contemporary romance, you will love this book.

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