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Hot Cop Series:

An independent woman

A handsome cop

An undeniable attraction...

NEW Hot Cop Release

He’s an overworked cop. She’s his drive-by angel. Can they turn a roadside attraction into a lifelong love?

Eve Daniels has no patience for reckless drivers… even if the offender is behind the wheel of a police cruiser. After chasing the swerving vehicle safely off the Santa Ana road, her anger turns to compassion when she realizes the handsome cop behind the wheel is overworked and under-caffeinated. Determined to prevent a highway pileup, she sticks around for the rest of his shift… and can’t help but fall head over heels for the handsome man beneath the uniform.

Officer Chris Mallory’s long hours on shift were taking their toll. When a high-spirited woman catches him nodding off at the wheel, he knows if she files a complaint he’d lose his badge. So he’s relieved when she lets him off lightly with an order to take a snack break and short nap. Swept away by her charm and beauty, he thinks of more than a few romantic ways to repay her kindness. Until a near-fatal run-in with a vengeful trucker leaves him bruised, battered, and with no memory of their roadside attraction. 

In the face of an unimaginable roadblock, can Eve and Chris ever find their way back to love’s highway?

ROLLOVER is the tenth book in the high-adrenaline Hot Cop series of contemporary crime dramas with a strong romantic storyline. If you like steamy encounters, high-speed chases, and criminal mysteries, then you’ll love Caliente Morgan’s chemistry collision.

Buy ROLLOVER to buckle in for a frisky, fast-paced romantic cop drama today!

Hot Cop Releases

If you came looking, you are probably interested in hot cops. And the women they fall in love with. I write slightly older men and women who find a second chance at happily ever after. Strong women. Good men.

Out Now: Amazon (double click to jump to Amazon)






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