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Close Encounter (Book 5 of the Hot Cop Series)

Hot Cop Series:
An independent woman
. A handsome cop. An undeniable attraction...

Close Encounter (Book 5) 3 short stories

Close Encounter

A women. A cop. A bank robbery gone south.

Alicia, a slightly OCD ADHD woman trying to keep order in her life is running errands. Sergeant David Owens hadn’t meant to get involved in anything when he stopped at the bank. He certainly hadn’t planned on getting shot. Or being rescued by a protected witness. When the Feds arrive to make her disappear again, will he risk everything to join her?

The Italian Job

An actor. A fan. Strong Italian wine.

As a writer, Sally-Ann Mayfield found herself in another banquet room when she goes fan-girl at the sight of the Italian heartthrob, Mario Alonzo, the star of a detective series from Italy. He takes note of the one woman who had recognized him. Dinner. Drinks. Conversation. Morning after sex. Can he talk her into leaving everything she knows behind and fly away with him to Rome?

Act Now, Think Later

Officers down. A woman with skills. A dark night rescue.

When Miriam Evans rescues a fallen officer right in front of her home, it isn’t her skill with a weapon that he remembers. Once out of rehab, a besotted Brett Stevens made a beeline to her front door because the curves on his rescuer had eclipsed her skill with a gun. And a reprimand was worth it to see her again. Will she accept more than a thank you?

If you like a little action and a little mystery/suspence with your contemporary romance, you will love this book.

Click now to start reading these fun hot cop romance stories!

Fun fact: If you haven’t caught the Commissario Montalbano (Detective Montalbano) 30-movie series from Sicily courtesy MHz International Network (Streaming or on DVD) staring Luca Zingaretti, based on books written by Andrea Camilleri—catch up!

Anyone who was around me the summer I discovered this series knows I was living on spaghetti for weeks (the character is a gastronomical glutton). I even learned some Italian! So of course I had to pay homage to Police Chief Salvo Montalbano and the man who puts that character on like a shirt every two years to film the next four movies. (I think #30 is the end. But it’s so good I hope not!)

Camilleri’s writing style should not be missed. The books are being translated into English and are appearing on Amazon in regular intervals. The DVDs are also on Amazon.



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