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Collateral Damage Book 4 of the Hot Cop Series

Hot Cop Series: Hot cops and the strong women who love them

Collateral Damage (Book 4)

A lonely country road  A deserted barn  His career on the line

Sheriff’s Deputy Trent Foster is charged with baby-sitting a civilian. She's hotter than hell. A smart brunette with killer legs and a smile that needed a carry-license. One more come and get me smile and he’d go up in flames. So when the call came in to check out a deserted hay barn and she was game, how could he refuse to take her along?
What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

Livia Annabelle Webster was a ride-along, his ride-along, so he must be her cop. She wanted him for more than conversation. The sexual sparks had been flying all morning. Then he took her into the countryside to...a barn? Well, it was private, and a lot of fun. Right up to the part where she slipped and fell into a bag of human entrails.
Oh Lord! She'd contaminated a crime scene!

It didn't help that when back-up arrived, she was screaming out Trent's name.

If you like a little action and a little mystery/suspence with your contemporary romance, you will love this book.

Click now to start reading this fun hot cop romance!

Fun Fact: Citizens who survive the background checks can request a ride-along with any police department. The author has been on one. They can be dull, interesting, or so active and dangerous that you will be dumped at the nearest 7/11 to keep you safe. Someone else will come get you while your driver races off on a call. For a writer, they can provide a lot of story material. Unlike real officers, a fictional character is allowed to break a few rules...


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