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Eight Weeks (Book 8 of the Hot Cop Series)


Hot Cop Series:
An independent woman
. A handsome cop. An undeniable attraction...

Eight Weeks (Book 8) Novella

One cop.  One woman. One idiot with a gun.

A squared-away cop, Officer Stanley Westfield never breaks the rules. His career is everything to him. Then he met Julie and his world spun out of control.

A hard charging professional, Julie Cavendish has ignored men, until she meets Stan, an Adonis in uniform. Except it wasn't the uniform. It wasn't his looks. It was the man.

Confined in a cruiser, their mutual attraction overpowers them both. Sparks fly. Rules ignored. She gives and he takes. They both want more. End of shift holds a lot of promise. 

When there’s a screw-up in dispatch, Stan innocently drives Julie to a supposedly safe domestic. Routine. Without warning, the call goes to hell, multiple shots are fired, and his civilian partner has to watch him fall.

Weeks later, wounded, diminished, demoralized, Stan fears he’s possibly lost his career. Can he get back? What if he can’t?

Would Julie accept his less-then-perfect self? Or has he lost his last chance at love because of a random bullet?

Julie wasn't ready to be a witness to a horrific shooting, certainly not one that takes her officer down. Her officer. How can she let him know that it doesn’t matter how badly he’s been hurt, or what scars he bears, she loves him? Love doesn’t demand perfection.

Love does have to show up. If not—they could lose their chance at love forever.

It’s been eight weeks.

Buy Eight Weeks to follow their wild adventures today!



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