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The Good Citizen - Book 9 of the Hot Cop Series


Hot Cop Series:
An independent woman
. A handsome cop. An undeniable attraction...

The Good Citizen (Book 9) Novella

She’s got a murderous ex. He’s got a crazy stalker. Can they survive their first date?

Jasmine Stapleton is a hard-working, law-abiding citizen, focused on keeping a low profile. She’s also a crime-magnet.

When she meets a handsome officer after calling 911, her body’s reaction to his presence made her verbal responses difficult. He didn’t leave her a card so she has no idea how to meet him again.

When a friend suggests she sign up for a citizen class at the local PD, she jumps at the idea. She might get to speak to him while she was sensible. As for her ex, a police station was a safe as you could get. Meeting the officer again was worth it.

Sergeant Marshall Templeton, damaged by an ugly divorce, has spent a decade avoiding the entanglement of sexual relationships. When he followed up a 911 call, he was caught off guard at his reaction to Jasmine. He wanted to meet her off duty and out of uniform.

He is stunned weeks later to find her sitting demurely in the new citizen class. When she leaves her notebook behind with her name and phone number scrawled across the front, he took it for an invitation. He didn’t count on being shot on her doorstop. He didn’t count on his demure fantasy woman being a badass, armed and dangerous. He didn’t count on a lot of things.

Buckle up for a hot ride with the Good Citizen. This was just the beginning…


Author's Note:Most of the police encounters in this story are true, some are fictional, and the names were changed to protect the innocent—more or less.

Buy the Good Citizen to follow their wild adventures today!



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