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Hot SWAT - Book 1 of the Hot Cop Series


Hot Cop Series: Hot cops and the strong women who love them

Hot SWAT (Book 1) 3 short stories


A boy. A girl. A big black SWAT truck. What could go wrong?

Laurie had a job to do while attending the 12-week Citizen Academy class run by the police department. But when the blonde Adonis in Khaki became a fixture she found it difficult to stay focused. He made her whole body throb, especially when she found his eyes on her. 

Spencer watched the perky brunette from his vantage in the back of the room. Blue green eyes. Big smile. When she flashed it, his whole body reacted. He couldn’t do a damn thing about it. He was in uniform.

Then they rolled up the SWAT truck and he took her for a ride.


He wanted her. He was on duty. How much would he risk?

The citizen ride-along was next week. San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy Sean Connors wasn’t sure how he had managed it, but her name was on the slot next to his shift. He had seven days to try to calm down before he’d have her alone in his car.

Lela, wanted an adventure. A ride in a cruiser with a man who could fuel daydreams seemed reasonable so she signed up. If only he’d stop scowling at her.


He had been her range instructor   Inspired her fictional hero   Had she put him at risk?

Mike was a senior career officer and had run the Range Day event, where the civilians got to shoot actual police guns. One citizen was there with an agenda. She said she was looking for color for her writing. Della wrote those kinds of books. He had been very careful what he said or did anywhere near her, although he had been tempted.

When the first of the romance books came out, one featured the shooting instructor, the range master. The station locker room had exploded. Mike wasn’t too happy about being singled out. Especially since the writer had captured his secret fantasy. Then Della showed up in his office. To make amends...

If you like reading hot and fast romances, you will love this book.

Click now to start reading these fun hot cop romance stories! 

Fun Fact: The author took the cover photo of the actual $400,000 anti-terrorism Fremont PD SWAT truck (2012) - The author got to climb on it, and took a ride in it. Photo deliberately does not show the gear. The driver for that ride was the inspiration for the short story Hot SWAT. Some incidents mentioned in the story are actual events, including the driver reminding me that he was armed. That truck is 9 tons of shielding on a Ford Chassis and it really does pull into the Ford Dealership for service.



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