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Meyer Park - Book 2 of the Hot Cop Series


Hot Cop Series: Hot cops and the strong women who love them

Meyer Park (Book 2)

He shuns relationships.  She follows strict rules. Can their love survive?

Annabelle Summers takes a class offered at the police department, and runs into a damn sexy cop who wins her over with fresh coffee and a come-get-me smile. She doesn’t want to be a badge-bunny, but she can’t forget him. But—how to meet him outside of the classroom? Dialing 911 isn’t exactly an option.

Sgt. Drew Madison, shunning relationships for years after a nasty divorce, wasn't prepared for his heated reaction to Annabelle. Bound by rules and regulations, he hasn’t been able to get closer to her. But when a rookie cop goes down in a drive by shooting, Annabelle becomes Drew's only witness.  

If you like a little action and a little mystery/suspence with your contemporary romance, you will love this book.

Click now to start reading this hot cop romance!

Fun Fact: Meyer Park is a real park in Fremont, CA. The author walked her beagles around it for 5 years. The author also witnessed a felony stop at the park. Fortunately, she was able to make eye contact with one of the cops and keep going. The rule is—do not ignore them—they will think you have something to hide. Do not stop. Keep your hands on the wheel. Look at them and keep moving.

Not the only felony pull over the author has seen. That’s for another day.



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