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Sinkhole Book 3 of the Hot Cop Series

Hot Cop Series:
An independent woman
. A handsome cop. An undeniable attraction.

Sinkhole (Book 3) 3 short stories


He’s embarrassed. She’s mortified.  Can love survive the 5 o’clock newsreel?

Mark Best, senior officer, Urban Shield evaluator, had expected a quiet day scoring the team performances at the competition. He had met someone—a woman he wanted to know better. Now he was on National TV, watching his limp body dangling in her arms, swinging like a rag doll over a deadly abyss.

Susan Sugarland had volunteered to be “rescued” by the different teams of cops, firemen, and medical support competing at Urban Shield. Then the ground opened up and she found herself tied to an unconscious cop, dangling from a fire truck ladder in the middle of a real-life rescue. Hers. And not just any cop. She'd been daydreaming about this one all day. Now she's on a digital loop on the five o'clock news in her mommy jeans. 


He’s thinking dinner as a start.  She’s thinking desert.   Can they get past the badge? 

Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Davies Finds himself attracted to a woman attending a Citizen’s Academy. He found himself pulling strings until he had this particular woman assigned to his cruiser for the night shift. How else could he get her attention?

Mia Brand is a romance writer who likes to research her subjects. Cops. Riding along in a cruiser while an officer makes the rounds can be a crapshoot. She’s done it before. This officer in question makes her weak in the knees and she finds he’s interested in more than answering a few questions. She's wondering how he likes his morning coffee.


He’s alone and shaken after a near-fatal traffic stop. She offers comfort. Could there be more?

Seasoned CHP Officer, Bradford Murray, has just been through a hellish pursuit and a traffic pullover involving speeding teens waving a fake weapon. With the police already on edge it could have gone sideways so easily. He had thought he was all right to continue his shift. Now, on break, standing near the dog park by the airfield at Harris Ranch, he is trying and failing to handle the aftershock.

Angel Langly is walking her beagles in the dog park when she discovers a CHP officer very much in distress. Her instincts on full alert, she secures her dogs and goes to help. If that includes wrapping her arms tightly around a handsome cop, well, so be it.

If you like reading hot and fast romances, you will love this book.

Click now to start reading these fun hot cop romance stories! 

Fun Fact: The author volunteered to be a victim at Urban Shield, a contest where teams come from all over the country to compete and perform exercises. Mass Casualty. Fire. Terrorist activity. Active shooter. Etcetera. The cops, firemen, paramedics and all their gear rescue and access the victims of a number of different staged scenes. However a hip replacement was done 4 weeks before the games, and the surgeon would not sign off.

He was afraid the firemen would drop me. So I stayed home and wrote Sinkhole.



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