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The Resource (Book 7 of the Hot Cop Series)


Hot Cop Series:
An independent woman
. A handsome cop. An undeniable attraction...

She's got a deadly secret

Jared was a career cop, performing a routine house check, until he knocked on Savannah's door. Rules be damned, after one look he let himself step inside, and shut the door.

Savannah was living a secret life, not quite a protected witness, more a protected asset. When the handsome officer arrived on her doorstep, her instant attraction to him had her tossing the rules aside and inviting love in.

When she was forced to break cover during a robbery in a desperate attempt to save his life, she knew it would be a problem that could shatter what they had. A shocked Jared now knows that everything he thought he knew about her is a lie. Could he accept what she was?

Savannah had another problem. Within days, the media coverage had led to old enemies resurfacing. To live, she needs to sever ties and disappear. Again.

Could she walk away and leave him behind? Or would he risk it all and go with her?

The Resource is the seventh book in the Hot Cop series from Caliente Morgan. If you like a little mystery and a little action with your contemporary romance, then you'll love The Resource. The copy editor did.

Buy The Resource to follow their wild adventures today!



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